About First Edition

I am an IT professional currently working for a large semiconductor manufacturer. I have 25 years of IT experience from desktop support to network engineer to enterprise software developer. I find all aspects of business fascinating, not just IT. Over the years, I’ve developed an interest in business as well as computers. I like to understand all the moving parts and look for areas of improvement. For many years I avoided the sales and marketing aspect, but over the last year, I have turned my focus to that area and now find it fascinating.

I have gradually built a small software development and IT service moonlighting business over the last ten years that pays for my toys. My long term objective is to achieve freedom of time and place rather than being strapped to the 8-5 Monday through Friday wheel.

I recently returned to college to finish off my bachelor\’s degree. Through a combination of challenge tests, certification exams, prior learning assessments, and one online class, I was able to finally get my Bachelor’s degree in 2008. It only took nine months, and best of all, I got an A in that one online class!

I’ve been married for ten years and am the proud father of two wonderful daughters. Rochelle is almost five, and Chantelle just turned two.

You can read more about me on my biography page.</a>’

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