Why mikestankavich.com And stankavich.com?

by Mike Stankavich on October 6, 2009

Some of my readers with sharp eyes may have noticed that I post on both stankavich.com and mikestankavich.com. If you did happen to notice, you may have wondered why I have two blogs with essentially the same domain name.  My intent is to write about topics of personal interest, promote my consulting services, and promote future products on mikestankavich.com.  I intend for stankavich.com to be shared with other family members as a place to talk about family events and funny/interesting things that my kids do. I don’t intend to promote any products or services on stankavich.com.

So today, I am posting a video of my oldest daughter’s kindergarten achievement award on http://stankavich.com, and I am posting a review of Dave Navarro’s 7 Steps To Playing A Much Bigger Game on http://mikestankavich.com.  I hope you enjoy your visit to whichever blog interests you.  Of course you’re always welcome to read both 🙂

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